Referring to the name, one can easily define the meaning of map collections. These are storage rooms where maps are stored. Examples of the storage facilities include museums, libraries or even in archives. Map collections are well distributed around the world with North America and Europe having the most valuable map collections.


In Belgium, there is the Royal Library Of Belgium, and it is located in Brussels. This collection facility has a huge number of items that include over 200,000 maps, globes, cartographic books and also atlases. The contents of these items are mainly related to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium.


In Paris, there is the Bibliotheque Nationale de France that is usually under the Department Des Cartes et Plains. This collection facility is ranked among the best three collections in the world. Some of the materials kept in this facility include building plans, city maps, relief maps, geography games, atlases, globes and also maps.


Three of Europe’s valuable map collections are found in Germany. The collections in the country are the Berlin State Library, The Gottingen State and University Library and one in Munich called The Bavarian State Library. Just like any other collections, here there are maps and also globes.

United States

In the states, there is the Library of Congress that is situated in Washington DC. The Library of Congress has the largest collection of maps in the world. There are 5.2 million maps here. In the States, there is also the Osher Map Library which has atlases, globes and also maps.


In Austria, there is the Austrian National Library that is in Vienna. This map collection is the largest collection facility in the country. It has 240,000 geographic topographic views, 275,000 maps, 570 globes, and 80 reliefs. There are also books related to technical literature and also atlases.