Historical maps are maps designed and drawn to describe the history of a place. These maps were printed in past times so as to help in the study and understanding of the geography of the place the map was produced. There are several reliable resources where one can get historical maps. They include the following.

David Rumsey Map Collection

This collection has historical maps of most places around the world. The David Rumsey map collection has more than 43,000 maps and images. The maps and images can be found online. Most of the maps in this collection have their main focus on South American and North American maps of the 18th and 19th century.

Old Maps Online

This is an online platform where one can easily access historical maps. It acts as a gateway to the access of all historical maps in libraries all over the world. You can search for the maps you are interested in by clicking on the map window or even typing the name of the place. You can also make your search results better by specifying the date. The results will give a direct map link.

Library of Congress Map Collection

The maps from this resource have been converted to digital form. This makes it possible to access them online. The main focus of map collections is cartographic treasures of the Library of Congress. The map division of Library of Congress has over 4.5 million items. The images on this resource were retrieved from atlases and maps.

Historic Map Works

This is a digital database for historical maps. These are maps of North America and other places around the world. The maps and images can be found online. These maps include Antiquarian maps, Nautical Charts, Birdseye Views, Special Collections, United States Property Atlases and Directories and some other text documents.