Learning new things in this world has become an easy task ever since the introduction of the internet. Everything is now being changed into digital formats and placed on the internet for people to see. Maps have not been left behind as there is also a perfect display and detailed explanation of historical maps on the internet. Map collections have been placed together on the internet for people to view online. Here at some online map collections that you might like to visit in your free time.

David Rumsey Map Collection

This was a private map collection of David Rumsey which he decided to give to the public. It largely concentrates on the study of making maps from the 16th century to the current 21st century. Digitizing of these maps began in 1996. There are now over 70,000 objects which are readily available on the internet.

Library of Congress

They first shared information on the internet in 1994. They now have a large collection of maps available for viewing on the internet. Their map resources largely focus on the history of the Americas. They have maps from the 17th century which show the railroads that were used and the land that was set aside to accommodate National Parks.

Harvard Map Collection

This is one of the oldest map collections around the world. Harvard University has about 400,000 maps available for viewing and over 5,000 atlases. Most of these resources are available on the internet.

Bodleian Map Room

This is an amazing map room where viewers get a chance to see navigation maps that were used from the 16th century to the mid-18th century. Anyone who might not make it to the map room has the chance of viewing all those maps on display through the internet. The maps displayed on the internet have a great explanation to go with them.