Maps have been a vital tool in aiding navigation around the world for many years now. Even after such a long duration of use, they have not lost their place in global interaction.

That said, maps are not the easiest of tools to use, especially without the right skills. This site is dedicated to changing that for everyone who comes across it. Anyone reading this is lucky to be here, where a lot of exciting and educative map information is discussed in the following sections.

World Maps

Maps appear in a format known as a projection. This section touches on the major projections which are used in making world maps. It then goes further to educate the reader on the basics of reading world maps. That’s some good stuff!

Map Collections

Lying undiscovered, (by most people), in many parts of the world are valuable collections of some of the greatest maps. Understand what these collections are, and where they are to be found, and also how they can be accessed over the internet.

Historical Maps

There are maps of old which don’t just show directions but can tell major stories from the eras they were created. This section touches on such maps and the resources they provide.

Maps Today

Although maps have been relevant throughout time, there have been variations in the methods used to create them over the ages. This section looks at maps in the modern world. It looks at how they are digitally created and their incorporation into the most popular technological device among humans today; the mobile phone! Several maps focused on specific subjects are also popular today. World maps on countries that are crypto-friendly and accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., are popular in the map industry. Many countries have started accepting cryptocurrencies, and exchanges like coinbase are offering the best features for the traders and investors. Visit to learn more about this platform.

Welcome for fun, educative navigation!!